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Phillip A. Tatlow & J. Thomas Mihalczo III recently resolved a case for an engineer who suffered an injury through a slip and fall while on a business trip in St. Louis.

Our client, Mr. Loren Thacker, checked out of his hotel room at the Sheraton West Port Plaza Hotel and proceeded down a set of stairs to exit the building. Unfortunately, he slipped on a clear wet substance and fell seven stairs down to the stairwell landing.

Mr. Thacker suffered a shoulder injury and a concussion. He did not require surgery but had extensive therapy and pain management treatment. He argued his shoulder injury forced him to retire early. The hotel disputed that the stairs were wet and claimed Mr. Thacker reported to paramedics and 911 that he thought he had a heart attack.

Phil and Thomas investigated the scene of Mr. Thacker’s fall and concluded that without warning signs, the stairwell floor could conceal a wet or slippery surface to the naked eye. Mr. Thacker contended he slipped on the wet stairwell and that the hotel created and failed to warn about the wet nature of the floor. Mr. Thacker also pointed out that the paramedic records showed his clothes were wet, and some watery substance was present at the bottom of the stairs. These records supported his theory the hotel failed to warn of the wet slippery surface and was liable. He claimed that he would need pain medication and therapy for the remainder of his life.

Mr. Thacker’s case against the West Port Sheraton Hotel was ultimately settled for $498,000.00. Workers’ compensation paid medical expenses of approximately $43,000.00. Please see a copy of the complete publication below:

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