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Phil Tatlow recently obtained the $100,000 policy limits on two separate ERISA insurance policies for two Anheuser Busch Union workers who claimed that they were disabled from their jobs due to a variety of prior accidents and health problems. Each of the Anheuser Busch workers were part of a Union with Anheuser Busch for beer bottlers and beer brewers. The employees received as part of their negotiated union contract, a life insurance policy with a provision that allowed them to make a claim if they became disabled from their own occupation for a year and from any other occupation for the rest of their life. These group insurance contracts were governed under Federal law called ERISA. The insurance company, Prudential Insurance Company, had denied both clients and the claims had been going on for over a year and a half when they called Mr. Tatlow. He appealed the denial of the claims, gathered the complete medical files of the clients and after consulting with physicians and vocational specialists, demanded payment of the $100,000 policy limits under the terms of the insurance policies for each client.  Prudential Insurance Company paid each client their policy limits of $100,000 after receipt of the appeal packet, prior to having to file a federal lawsuit.


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