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Phil Tatlow recently completed his first Wisconsin Long-Term disability case against Molson-Coors, d/b/a Miller-Coors and Prudential Insurance Company. Mr. Tatlow represented a client in a fight for J.W.’s long-term disability benefits that were denied by Miller-Coors and Prudential Insurance Company. Mr. Tatlow has handled numerous ERISA cases in Missouri and Illinois against companies such as Anheuser Busch, In-Bev, Chrysler, Prudential Insurance Company, Aetna, Cigna, the Hartford and others. Mr. Tatlow had recently gained admission to the Wisconsin Courts as well when J. W. called him about the case. His client had fought for several years for disability benefits after he claimed that his psychological illnesses prevented him from any employment at the Miller-Coors brewery. J.W. had worked in the packaging supervision department but was in a car wreck outside of work. He developed depression with manic episodes. This resulted in him being unable to work and being forced to apply for Social Security disability, which he obtained without an attorney. Prudential hired Dr. Robert Denny, a Psychologist from Springfield, Mo to conduct an “Independent Medical Examination.” Dr. Denny claimed that Mr. J.W. was malingering and claimed that Mr. J.W. was faking his symptoms and the severity of his psychological problems. Mr. Tatlow researched Dr. Denny and found out that Dr. Denny was often hired by big corporations and insurance companies when they wanted to dispute a person’s head injuries or psychological conditions stemming from an accident. Mr. Tatlow obtained prior deposition testimony of Dr. Denny that was used to impeach him.  Mr. Tatlow claimed that the $4,000 consulting fee that Prudential paid to Dr. Denny was done with the intent of obtaining an opinion to justify a denial of his client’s claim for benefits and that the fee was not to obtain a legitimate Independent Psychological examination. Mr. Tatlow hired a Vocational Expert and Psychologist, obtained Veteran’s Administration Records, Social Security records and past psychological records which were all used to help prove that his client had legitimate problems and that he was disabled. He argued that the insurance company was using a hired gun to back up their decision to deny his client when their real motivation was to avoid payment of benefits to J.W. After Mr. Tatlow’s involvement, the company reversed their decision and paid the past two years of benefits owed and will continue to pay his client monthly so long as he remains disabled.

$37,000 back pay with $18,000 per year thereafter

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